Customized system

Unlimited flexibility

Flexibility and innovation are firmly rooted in our culture. They enable us to face the unexpected, allowing us to adapt with agility to our ever‑changing industry and environment. We actively embrace change.

It is with this vision in mind that Mudwizard was created, thus, allowing the settling and separation of mine, tunnel and industrial mud water, in a simple and effective matter that perfectly adapts to your reality.

Innovative system

Adapted to your industry

You very well know that each industry is different, with its specific issues and challenges. They all have one thing in common: they generate mud.

Do not let this mud waste your time and money. Manage it the smart way.

Mining and quarrying

Mudwizard plays a key role in mining and quarrying operations by reducing plant maintenance downtime while significantly improving working and environmental conditions on site. The system easily adapts to the available space and can handle large flows.

Construction and civil works

The challenges companies face are significant: productivity, profitability, manpower, sustainability, and above all, the environmental standards that need to be reached. Mudwizard maximizes operational efficiency by significantly reducing the amount of mud generated on site, while requiring very little space and manpower.


By significantly reducing the amount of mud transferred to the surface, Mudwizard minimizes transportation of waste outside of urban areas and saves water. It eliminates the risk of sanding and clogging of dewatering pipes while increasing the availability of the drilling equipment or tunneling boring machine.


Water, a key element in drilling, can be a challenge in remote or environmentally sensitive areas. Users must meet environmental requirements and responsibly dispose of the mud generated during drilling. Mudwizard allows for water clarification treatment directly on the field, making sure water is used moderately and as efficiently as possible, without compromising drilling results.

Every project is unique

The possibilities are endless