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Mudwizard has been awarded with the Solar Impulse Label, one of the first labels for positive impact businesses bringing together protection of the environment and financial viability.

Awarded by the Solar Impulse Foundation founded by the pioneer of solar aviation Bertrand Piccard, this labeling process is part of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.

Mudwizard is proud to be on of the first 500 solutions in the world labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

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Mudwizard is a simple and efficient mud treatment system, making way to lower operation costs and increase productivity. Operating completely autonomously, it requires a minimum of resources.

Load up the basket with patented clarification tablets

Insert the basket in the dispenser

Clean, residue-free water comes out of the system

Mud treatment system

Adapted to your industry

Mining and quarrying
Construction and civil works
Reduziert bis zu 98% der suspendierten Abfälle
Vereinfachte Rückgewinnung von Brauchwasser auf der Baustelle
Sehr anpassungsfähig und robust
Kompakt, mobil, zugänglich
Einsparungen von Investitions- und Betriebsausgaben
Reduziert Wasserverbrauch
System and operation
Mudwizard by Technosub
Achievement in the headline

Water treatment system for construction of new subway train sets in Montreal

Construction of an underground garage to accommodate the new subway train sets in Montreal.

The drainage water quality is variable and unpredictable and is subject to specific and particularly restrictive criteria.

During the winter season, the water to be treated from the underground excavation is very cold and presents an additional processing challenge.

Presence of water additives such as foamers, solvents and residual concrete add to the treatment challenges.

Given the urban character of the site, the available space for water settling is very limited.