Flexible system

Adapted to your industry

Mudwizard is a simple and efficient mud treatment system making way to lower operation costs and increase productivity. With amazing flexibility, it adapts to your industry and your mud type. Powered by Technosub, a company recognized for it's innovative and sustainable industrial pumps and dewatering solutions, Mudwizard is the ultimate compact system for maintenance cost reduction.
Flexible System

Adapted to your industry

Mudwizard uses a simplified sludge management method.

Find out
simplified single method

Managing underground sludge the easy way

Patented clarification tablets

Made from 100% organic materials, our patented and easy-to-handle clarification tablets give you peace of mind by being environmentally friendly. Your only task: load up the system with tablets on an occasional basis.

  • Tablet adapted to your mud type
  • Ecological: 100% organic and non-toxic
  • Easy to use
Pastille - Mudwizard
up to
liters of water per 1 PPM

Contact with tablets

Fully autonomous step. The coagulant’s dosage is calibrated according to the pumped flow, without any intervention.

Autonomous dosage

Mixing for activation

A static mixer, adapted to your system, maximizes the efficiency and speed of action.

Immediate settling and separation

Mud is automatically directed to a tank designed to facilitate and speed up the settling and separation process.

  • Settling tank size and dimension adapted to your industry
  • Possibility to use your own installation
times faster
Icone horloge - Mudwizard

Easy waste disposal

YOU choose how to dispose of the waste: it can be pumped, disposed of trucking or hoisting, or transferred to an unused site.

Reduces up to
of waste material

Clear water recovery

Water is precious and sometimes difficult to transport to certain sites. Once treated by Mudwizard, clarified water can be recycled and reused indefinitely in your operating systems, allowing you to significantly reduce your water use and ecological footprint. And if that’s not enough to blow you away, this clarified water increases your pumps’ lifespan while significantly reducing your installation maintenance costs and repairs.

  • Reduces your ecological footprint
  • Allows for water recycling
  • Increases your pumping equipment lifespan
  • Reduces your maintenance and repair costs

Small investment big return

Clé anglaise - Mudwizard
Reduces maintenance costs
Pompe - Mudwizard
Increases your pumps’ lifespan
Feuille empreinte écologique - Mudwizard
Reduces your ecological footprint
Engrenage - Mudwizard
Simple use and maintenance
Boue - Mudwizard
Reduces by 10 the volume of waste material
Tache - Mudwizard
Easily integrates daily tasks
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