On-site sludge management – Montreal

Managing sludge on site is a major challenge that requires daily attention, significant storage space, and a considerable financial investment.

The project involves using our innovative Frog Eggs Superabsorbent product to simplify sludge management. Our solution thickens the sludge, making it easier to remove with an excavator and transport to the landfill in a dump truck.

Location Montreal, Canada
Year 2024
Product : Frog Eggs Superabsorbent


  • The sludge is liquid, with a dryness of less than 40%.
  • Vacuum trucks are very expensive.
  • Transporting the sludge increases the project’s CO2 emissions.


  • The sludge is solid, with a dryness of more than 70%.
  • The project’s sludge management costs were reduced by 33%.
  • Road transport was reduced by 50%, which consequently reduced CO2 emissions by 50%.
  • The sludge was managed with equipment available on site (excavator and dump trucks).