Upgrade – Carillon Hydroelectric Power Generating Station

The Carillon power generating station is a symbol of Quebec’s hydroelectric development and plays a strategic role in Hydro-Québec’s generating fleet. Hydroelectricity is recognized as a reliable, powerful and renewable energy source.

The project involves the management of water from refurbishment work, turbine-alternator replacement and other work.

Location Carillon Generating Station – Hydro-Québec
Year 2023
System capacity : 23 m3/h


  • The quality of water extracted from the site is variable and is impacted by upgrade works such as sawing, breaking up and drilling concrete.
  • After treatment, water is discharged directly into the Ottawa River.
  • The pH of the water extracted from the site is very basic, due to the nature of the work.
  • The system must be specially configured to adapt to confined and restricted spaces.
  • The lack of a dedicated, specialized water management operator requires the implementation of a simple, understandable treatment system and accessible technical support.


  • Keep discharged water within acceptable environmental standards for discharge into the river.
  • Work with the client to adapt the Mudwizard system to their specific needs.
  • Ensure system is mobile and has a small footprint.
  • Save on specialized operational labour.