Construction – Centre hospitalier Vaudreuil-Soulanges

This hospital centre project will significantly increase the Montérégie region’s hospital capacity and meet the population’s growing health care needs. An appealing work and care environment is closely related to employee attraction and retention, as well as patient experience.

The project consists of managing water from excavation and pile driving work required in the first phase of the project, as well as clarifying pillar water for inspection by camera.

Location Montérégie, Québec
Year 2023
System capacity : 90 m3/h


  • The quality of water extracted from the site is variable and unpredictable, and must comply with specific and particularly restrictive environmental discharge criteria.
  • Clarifying the water will make it possible to use cameras to inspect the interior of piles in the ground and work compliance.
  • The lack of a dedicated, specialized water management operator requires the implementation of a simple, understandable treatment system and accessible technical support.
  • Additives in the water extracted from the site, such as foaming agents, hydrocarbons and concrete make treatment more challenging.


  • Install a downstream water filtration and polishing system to keep release of water within acceptable standards for environmental discharge.
  • Ensure there are no site shutdowns resulting from non-compliance of released water after treatment.
  • Ensure a rapid pile inspection rate confirming work compliance and improvement of overall project performance.