Managing water from drilling

Location Virginia, USA
Year 2020
Dosing required : 30 ppm


Design, creation and installation of a Mudwizard system for the Blue Dam Rehabilitation project.

The contractor for this project was drilling holes that are used as anchors to the dam to reinforce it. After having tried several different unsuccessful methods for managing the water from drilling (such as settling ponds and tanks) they choose the Mudwizard system because it required a significantly smaller footpring on the project site, was less expensive and had fewer working parts.


This easy-to-use system clarifies drilling water while significantly reducing the ecological footprint on site.

The water is being pumped from the river, used as dust suppression for the drilling and then has to be treated to remove the solids. The solids are removed from the project site and disposed of while the water is able to be recycled. The solids from the underflow are being pumped into Geotube bags which worked exceptionally well on this project with the large flocs that the Mudwizard system is making.