Dewatering Wastewater Treatment – Open Pit – Côté Gold Project

This project involves treating wastewater from the open pit and discharging it into the environment.

Location Côté Gold Project – Ontario, Canada
Year 2023
System capacity : 180 m3/h


  • System configuration, work methods, collaborative agreement and engagement must be validated within a short period of time.
  • The quality of water extracted from the site must comply with specific and particularly restrictive environmental discharge criteria.
  • Outgoing sludge dryness must be managed.
  • Flow rate of sludge to be processed is 180 m3/h.


  • Responsiveness of teams, equipment configuration and mobilization.
  • Installation of dewatering basins with filtration walls enabling 60% dryness to facilitate management.
  • Optimization of polymers in the laboratory to achieve results in 5 minutes of settling time.