Multi purpose Portable Mudwizard on mining/contruction site

Design and manufacturing of a Mudwizard water treatment system for the development of a ramp and a wash bay. Compact, each system is designed to fit within a maritime container to facilitate its transportation to destination.

Location Ecuador
Year 2017
Wash bay : Capacity of 150 GPM
Mining operations : Capacity of 600 GPM
Enables water recirculation to the wash bay
Enables a rough settling prior to the settling pond


During mine construction, several types of muds were encountered: lateritic clay, rock, residual concrete, etc., and the Mudwizard formulations must adapt to this variability.  The normal operating flow and peak rates can vary considerably with the seasons, giving the equatorial weather and sudden heavy rainfall.

When it comes to reuse the water wastes, the crucial aspect to consider is to avoid discharging into the environment.

Using trucks in the bay wash adds contaminant such as grease, oil, solvent and soap.


Delivery of four 75 m³/hour, compact modular Mudwizards,  that can be easily transported in maritime container.

Use of a Mudwizard to recycle the truck cleaning water despite the influence of interference contaminants.

Reduction in freshwater consumptions by over 80%.

Significant reduction in sediment inflow in buffer ponds for heavy rainwater collectors.

Extended underground pump’s service life by over 50% due to elimination of abrasives.

Assistance in the implementation on site.