Underground mine effluents water management system

Location Basaseachi, Mexico
Year 2018


The mine drainage water has a variable and unpredictable quality and flow rate, from 75 to 300 m³/hour, whose concentration in suspended solids can vary from 500 t0 75 000 ppm.

The space available to install the water treatment system is enclosed between 2 cliffs and a creek, and the fauna and flora along the site are very sensitive.

The generated water at the output of this water treatment system must be of very high pressure, since it is used by a 7km mine nearby in its ore mineral processing.

The water quality required in this process is a major issue can significantly impact the gold recover performances.

Given the mountainous nature of site, the pumps must be capable of supplying at high pressure levels, which requires the highest water quality to ensure the pumps performances.

The human resources and knowledge required to operate the system are very limited.


Design and manufacturing of a water treatment system on a surface of a Mexican mine, with a capacity of 75 to 300 m³/hour, with solids suspended concentration from 500 to 75 000 ppm. In all, 10 Mudwizard cones installed in series with all the piping and the structure.

Resolving sedimentation problems on the 7 km mountain transfer line, and the possibility to use the water by the nearby mine considering the desert climate in the area.

Optimizing of the available space to create a project in harmony with a sensitive fauna and flora environment.

Prefabrication in the workshop of all the systems to optimize the installation and start-up work on site.

An operational autonomous system requiring a minimum of work force.

Given the excellent results, a fresh water well was spared and the underground mine water became available for use on the mining site.